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As A Woman You'll Truly Appreciate The Friendly,
Caring, Dignified And Totally
Understanding Services We Offer

Women's Pelvic Health

Townsville's Day Surgery is extremely proud to have the support of one of the world's leading specialists on women's health, gynaecology and urology, Professor Ajay Rane.

Professor Rane provides specialist care in the fields of stress incontinence, prolapse, and bladder dysfunction and provides valuable guidance, improving your quality of life and dignity.

Local IVF Procedures

At Townsville's Day Surgery we provide the best service on a local level. With two groups operating, namely the Queensland Fertility Group and the world famous Monash IVF, we deliver a dignified, relaxed and extremely friendly IVF service.

Our equally caring and supportive nursing staff helps to relieve any anxieties normally associated with these procedures ensuring your utmost care and attention.

To value add these professional services Townsville's Day Surgery provides reasonable rates for the uninsured.

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Townsville Day Surgery Provides A Relaxed, Caring And Supportive Alternative To The Big Hospitals And Is Highly Suitable For Minor Surgical And Endoscopic Procedures.